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Braille Printers

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Braille Printers

Production Braille Printer Series

Elite 200+ Braille Printer

Designed to run long hours, this heavy-duty production embosser prints high-speed braille along with super-high-resolution graphics from Tiger!

Our highest-speed braille printer

Premier 100 Braille Printer

Designed to keep up with the increasing demand of braille and tactile graphics required at universities and school districts.

High-speed braille printers perfect for educational use

Desktop Braille Printer Series

Bring Tiger Technology to any home or office at an affordable price. The small, compact design makes them perfect for any location!

Affordable braille printers perfect for personal use

EmBraille Desktop Embosser

Perfect for home or office use, this reliable, compact embosser produces braille at 25 cps. Switch between single-sheet or tractor-feed paper to meet your printing needs

NEW EmBraille Desktop Embosser-The affordable embossing solution!