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Math Access

Nemeth Math Now Available!

Equation & Text Braille Translation

Translate text and math equations to braille with the touch of a button. The Tiger Braille Math Translator is built directly into Microsoft Word making math translation fast and easy. You can even add graphics to your braille math documents to add another level of learning.

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Hands-on-Learning for Math

The IVEO Math Tutor is a great addition to the IVEO Hands-on-Learning System that teaches using touch, sound, and sight combined, creating a fun and interactive environment for learning basic addition and subtraction. The IVEO Math Tutor contains features to meet the needs of both teachers and students

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Audible Mathematics Calculation

Designed for people with vision, learning or motor disabilities, the AGC provides an alternative to the handheld scientific calculator. AGC includes user friendly features like the ability to view multiple graphs simultaneously, self voicing and intuitive hot keys.

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