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IVEO Learning System

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IVEO Learning System

Image of someone using the IVEO Touchpad, video icon

'Hands-On Learning'
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Multi-modal Learning

The IVEO Hands-on-Learning System teaches using touch, sound, and sight combined. This method utilizes any or all three learning modalities to help students learn faster and retain information longer, meanwhile, making learning more fun and interactive.

IVEO is a great tool to use to teach difficult subject such as biology, health, chemistry, astronomy, math, and geography!

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Fully accessible text, math equations and graphics

ViewPlus is working together with American Physical Society (APS) to publish journals that include fully accessible text, math equations and graphics allowing all readers to have access to the same information.

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Ink and Braille on the Same Page

The Emprint SpotDot is the world's only braille and color ink printer! With the color ink and braille combined, whatever you choose to print will give you unmatched tactile and visual feedback. This is ideal for learning, as well as sharing documents with people of all abilities.

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Tiger Software Suite

Tactile learning is only as good as the tactile graphic, so why not create and use the best? All ViewPlus embossers are powered by Tiger, which means your tactile graphics will be embossed at 20dpi; the limit of human tactile perception. Also, bundled with each Tiger embosser purchase is a unique tactile graphics design studio (the Tiger Software Suite) that puts invaluable graphic editing tools right at your fingertips!

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